FQ 7"

by Force Quit

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released 05 October 2013

Recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.




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Track Name: Agitation
Privileges parted// oppressions dissected// anger builds// each generation the same// polarized by rage// age old discussions / there's got to be a better way//egos//lost art of apologies// inflamed / is vindication your end game// who's job to educate// who should shut up// how to move forward// who should step up// "allies" // is vindication your end game// real friends// a culture of social martyrs// who should// take the time// check your pride// who's job// when we're all fucked up
Track Name: Bouts
It's coming closer // it's settling in // i can feel it// beneath my skin// the weight is epic// pressure relentless// i've been writing this song for hours// i didn't know if i'd make it// we all have bouts with mental illness// for some of us it's harder to shake// don't delegitimize our struggles with comparisons and dismissals //don't let them shame you for asking for help// chemicals and cut public services can cut us out and leave us stranded// coping mechanisms and crutches need to be in conversations//self-care is resistance//everybody seems to know this// where is the patience//we can't fight in isolation//help us find the strength within//we can't fight in isolation//take my hand this is community//you are not alone in this//your existence is important//it might not get better but it does get easier//open your arms and bring it in
Track Name: Bodily Domain
I'm fucking sick and tired// of anti-choice advocates// telling me that a fetus has more rights than myself//i don't trust the government to provide me with support especially when it comes to upholding the right to choose to abort//fight back defend yourself with knowledge and know-how// fight back defend yourself with radical herbal spells// support one another// support autonomy// learn to provide each other with what we need// start thinking about guaranteeing our own health care security// apart from what's available to us from the state
Track Name: Loner
Bodies and open mouths // boundaries expectorate feedback// placate// but i can't breathe// is this performance even worth it// of all of the places i'd rather be// but is this performance even worth it// isn't this where i should be// appease social pressure// loner, you're not alone// fuck that i'm going home// i've got to bail// leave me alone// it's nothing personal// same thing everyday// it's cool, i just need to get away// from you// i just need to get away// from you// and go home to my cat
Track Name: What Did I Tell You
I don't want to take this shit anymore // around the corner // at the store // guard up // heart floored // i know these problems are systemic // but right now i've fucking had it // threatened everyday // i thought i told you to fucking run// i don't have to take this // tongue sharp// fists hard// scumbags are going to eat shit// i don't have to take this// i thought i told you to fucking run
Track Name: Coercion
What do I owe? what do I want?// different flesh screaming// this moment, I'm frozen// come closer// slow down// am I acting for myself?// different flesh screaming// choices stripped, manipulation// more// run away// desire// depression// dissociation// delight// distraction// disregard// decay// where is my voice// what is my body// talk to me// are you okay